A Special Reminder to Myself

You got this girl. 

Sometimes you feel like the world is against you,

And maybe sometimes it is, but most of the time it isn’t.

The voices in your head tell you what you don’t want to hear,

They tell you you’re not good enough,

That there’s nothing you can do to make things right,

That everything bad that’s happened is your fault.

You are good enough.

You have mended things.

Not everything is your fault.


Your heart hurts day and night,

And longs for people who are no longer here.

But they are;

They’re in your memories, the ones that bring

Tears to your eyes, or a smile to your face.

There’s strength in that.


Not everyone can endure guilt and grief like you have,

And still have enough to want to give love to others,

To care for others, to heal, nurture, and guide others.

Yet here you are, doing exactly that.


It’s okay to be weak, and it’s okay to be vulnerable.

The world will keep spinning even if it’s not on your shoulders.

Remember you always have people that love you,

And will be there to help stand you up.


Today is a rough day.

But you’ve made it through this day, nine years in a row.

There is no time limit on grief, and it comes and goes,

But it never stays for too long.

Don’t let it stay for too long.

You’re too strong for that. So be strong.


He’s looking down on you.

So make him proud of you.

Show him that he taught you how to love hard,

How to love wholeheartedly,

How to love genuinely,

And how to be kind and gentle.

That’s what he would’ve wanted.

Message to myself