Okami & Co. welcomes you to our blog!

Hi there! Welcome to our newly established lifestyle blog! The three of us are excited to have you here with us. We are a loving family that will be blogging about lifestyle, marriage, mental health, fashion, and travel.

Okami & Co Family Photo
We know there’s a stigma behind mental illness, and we’re here to crush it.
— Okami & Co.

the crew

Jack Sison

A dog-lovin’ momma that enjoys covering lifestyle topics such as mental health, career, travel, and photography. A jet setter across the world, Jaclyn has enjoyed many different cultures and their cuisines, practicing her culinary arts at home. She spends her time in a hospital as a nurse stationed in South Korea. Nothing beats cuddling with her two dogs and a cup of coffee.


Sean Sison

A goofy dad to the fur babies, Sean enjoys covering lifestyle topics such as fashion, travel, photography, and his life with his family. He’s traveled the world through work and pleasure, he isn’t afraid to try any food at least once. He spends his time bringing the future closer on the flight line with Unmanned Aerial Systems. When he isn’t working, he’s cuddle up with his family at home in Seoul.

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