Head in the Clouds at Lotte Tower: Happy 2nd Anniversary!

We felt bougie to say the least.

View from the 99th floor of Lotte Tower

  There was one thing that Sean wanted to do while we were in Korea, and that was to stay at the world’s 5th tallest building, Signiel in Lotte Tower.  We had already stayed in Lotte World Tower, which was the smaller hotel next to it.  We made a mistake thinking we had booked Signiel; it turned into a funnier story after staying there, but we were not happy at the time.

Handwritten note at Lotte
Welcome Tea and COokies with the Sunset

Five stars all around. 

Signiel is definitely a hotel I recommend splurging your money on.  Their customer service is superb, and their amenities are nothing like I’ve ever seen before.  The afternoon that we got there, we were able to relax in the room, enjoy their welcome tea and cookies, and get ready for our evening.

  Their lounge grants access to visitors, and you’re able to drink bottomless champagne with little treats like petite fours and fruit.  Fortunately, we only had thirty minutes there before we were called for our cab to dinner, or else all of the champagne would have disappeared.

  After our dinner at Ryunique, we were pretty tipsy upon returning to our hotel, so we just went back to our room to enjoy the bath and view that our room offered.  Since it was our anniversary, they placed us in a corner room with the best view of the city!  It was amazing!  The bath itself came with small tea bags for a floral bath, and bath salts to help relax you.  We fell asleep shortly after that.

Signiel Fitness Center
Signiel Fitness Center

Is this what celebrities do on their days off?

  The next morning, I was able to enjoy the gym… alone.  (Sean didn’t want to wake up…)  So at 0530, I got ready to see what a 5-star gym was all about.  It was intense to say the least.  The equipment would be your timer, it would tell you if you were pulling/pushing too fast or too slow, and you could save it to your phone with one touch.  It was awesome.  Their equipment was state of the art.  I did a pretty intensive pull day with my daily dose of abs, and then met Sean for the pool.

  It was the second time we were able to enjoy the pool at a hotel we stayed at, and we’ve stayed at a lot of hotels.  Sean got his short swimming lesson in, and luckily, he did not drown.  When we got ready to go to breakfast, we both enjoyed the amenities of the swimming pool.  You really did not need to bring anything with you to shower there because they had everything!

We must be insta-famous with our camera

  We ended on a big note by going to breakfast at Stay, a very high-end French restaurant that serves buffet style breakfast.  There’s very few breakfasts that Sean and I would recommend in hotels, and one of them was at the Radisson Blu in Paris, France.  We were approached by the staff very frequently, and we think it’s because of our camera.  Nevertheless, they offered us great customer service as usual, making recommendations on what to try, and even bringing us food first.

  We plan on making one last stay here before we leave Korea.  So next time, we’ll be a little bit more prepared with the photos.  I really do suggest enjoying it yourself though!

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