Things I Love for My Doggies

  I am the type of person that believes my dogs deserve the absolute best.  I treat my dogs like they’re children.  I make sure they’ve got everything they need from clothes (YEP), to toys, to good nutritional food, and to all my love.  I thought I would write a blog on the little knickknacks around the house that make having doggies a little more fun and a little easier to manage.

Fur mama for life

Bark Box - click - use our referral link!

  Bark Box has never done us wrong.  They always send the cutest toys, and there’s always a theme.  Plus they send the best training treats for our dogs.  I like that it’s a monthly subscription so we know we’re always going to get a new box each month.  Our dogs love their toys.  Oki loves to pull out all of the toys and spread them around the carpet.  Okami loves to take all of those toys and put them in a pile.  It’s rather entertaining if you have the chance to watch it happen. If you use our referral code, a box is donated to a puppy in a shelter! Help us spread the love to our furry companions!

Petcube Bites - click - for the one we have!

  I’ve been wanting a Petcube Bites for the longest time.  It’s a home camera that has two-way communication for you and your pup.  We finally gave in and bought one when we adopted Oki.  They get a little afraid of it because it makes a grinding noise when it tries to throw out treats.  But it puts my mind at ease when I see them sleeping soundly in the living room.  I also can see if they’re tearing the house up!  I have no regrets getting this for the dogs.

I love my dogs

Baby Gates - click - for the one we have!

  Before we got Oki, we would let Okami roam the house wherever she wanted.  She’s a clean dog.  She doesn’t pee in the house, she holds herself very well, she doesn’t chew anything up.  Oki on the other hand, is not as potty trained as we’d like him to be.  He also likes to chew on anything that looks like a shoe.  If you know my husband, then you know that is NOT acceptable. So we got a baby gate to keep them in the living room.  Okami is not very fond of it, but she’s gotten used to it.  At least our room isn’t covered in dog fur anymore.

Swivel leash for two - click for the one we have!

  Best purchase for walking the dogs!  We used to walk them on separate leashes, and it was hard to not get tangled up in the leashes.  Oki walks in zigzags, while Okami loves to go around the back of you when going through doors.  The swivel leash lets them go around without tangling you up. Plus it came with a poop holder, so now we don’t have to carry around the bags!