Photo taken by The Bare Collective, Jas Till, 2018

Photo taken by The Bare Collective, Jas Till, 2018

We’ve been trying to get our feet wet in the blogger world for quite some time now. Our blogging seems to be seasonal. We have high hopes for this blog to remain a constant in our life, regardless of how busy we become.

My name is Jack, and I’m a twenty-something year old that loves to travel and explore the wonders of the world. I enjoy delving into cultures unlike my own to gain knowledge and insight into how others live. I suffer from several mental health problems, and this blog will showcase how I cope with them.

I’m married to my best friend, Sean. I met him almost five years ago, and we’ve been through so much. I appreciate how understanding and supportive he is of all my endeavors, regardless of how crazy I may get. Sean will also have some posts on the blog on how he helps me through my various phases of coping, at which he does a wonderful job.

We don’t have kids, but we have our lovely fur children, Okami and Okiharu. They are the light of our lives, and I don’t think that I personally could have made it this far without them. They will make plenty of guest appearances in our gallery and blogs. We love showering the world with their fluffy faces. We hope you enjoy your browsing!

<3 Love, Okami & Co.


All photos on this site were taken by Jaclyn and Sean Sison unless otherwise stated. Please do not use our images without permission.