How do you know when it’s time to fire yourself?

  We’ve all had those jobs that we absolutely hated.  Not because of the job itself, but because of the people, particularly the boss.  There’s a great difference between having a boss and having a leader at work.  A boss will be demanding.  They won’t take the time to understand your point of view or listen to your ideas.  They’ll micromanage you because it’s their way or the high way.

  A leader on the other hand will encourage innovation and ideas to be shared.  They will be there right beside you working hard at the project.  They’ll have your back through the good times and the bad times.  A leader will trust you.  So here are the top six reason that I think cause people to leave their jobs.

When you don’t feel appreciated

  You’re a hard worker.  You always get your projects done on time, and sometimes even sooner.  You give 100% effort each time you complete a task, and you ask for help when you need it.  Despite the effort you put in, you’ve never heard “good job” or even a “thank you”.  Recognition is something that is missing in your work environment, and that’s not okay.  Leaders should make sure you know that your hard work is vital to the team, and that you’re appreciated. 

When your boss is busier managing your tasks than they are their own

  No one likes to be micromanaged.  Possibly one of the worst things a boss can do is continuously critique you while looking over your shoulder at work.  Look Sir, no one likes you breathing on them while they’re at work.  Go do your own work!

Your input gets tossed aside and never used

  There’s always room for improvement in an organization, and it works best when everyone shares their input and comes up with a grand idea.  It’s unfortunate when you work under a boss who doesn’t take the time to try your ideas, let alone listen to you pitch it.  How are you supposed to know whether you’re good at something if you aren’t ever given the chance?  Not to mention if they do use it, and take the credit for it or change it to make it look like they improved your idea.

  Leaders know how to be good followers.  That’s what makes them good leaders.  They know how important the team is, and they know that everyone has something to offer.  In healthcare, to be considered a high reliability organization (HRO), one of the key components is to call in your experts.  You have people who know the job, the subject matter experts, or “SME” if you will. (That’s why Cap’t Hook must have called his first mate SME!)

I quit, byeee!

They speak to you in a condescending tone

  It’s one thing to be firm with your employees to make sure you get your point across.  If you’ve done something wrong, and your boss has to tell you to not do it again, fine.  But he shouldn’t make you feel like you’re a complete dunce while doing so.  Everyone makes mistakes, including them.  Don’t take it personally, just know that there are leaders out there that deserve your work more than that guy.

They don’t provide you with the appropriate training

  Are you new to your job or have you gone up in skill level?  Well, you should be entitled to receive training on whatever their expectations are of you.  If not, then how are you supposed to do your job correctly?  Then you return to the previous point where if you make a mistake, they scold you for it.  Don’t worry, hold that head up.  Other jobs offer you training before getting the promotion, or make it a requirement.  It’s time to start packing up your desk.

They lie to you, and they don’t have your back

  This is the one that gets my gears grinding for sure.  Bosses will say whatever they need to say at the time when they need something from you.  The second that you no longer have anything to offer them, they strip you of their loyalty and turn their back on you.  A leader leads from the front, so if anything were to happen, they’d take the first blow to diffuse it throughout the team so it isn’t as bad.  A leader will stay with you through and through.  Know where your loyalty lies, and know where you’re putting your trust at work.  Not everyone has your success in their best interest. I hope you’re out the door by now.

Free yourself from that negativity

  Is it really worth it to have to go through negative feelings every day?  The longer you stay in a position that mentally, emotionally, and physically drains you isn’t good for your health.  When we say practice self-love, that means all aspects of loving yourself.  It isn’t the easiest to switch positions or find a new job, but you can actively seek out opportunities.  Present it the right way to your boss, and maybe leave with a recommendation.  They at least owe you that.