When Silence Speaks More Than Words

  You'll have days that throw you off balance, and make you feel like the ground is being pulled from beneath you. Those days where you wake up and you can feel every ache and pain in your body, but it's not from something that you did physically, but what you feel emotionally. The debilitating pain of something that's grasping at your heart so badly that it makes you feel sick to your stomach.

  It could be from anything. It could've been something that happened yesterday. It could be something that's been happening over a period of time. It could be something that you've tried so hard to lock away, but something just unleashes every memory. Sometimes we wake up remembering events from our past that made us feel so small and vulnerable, that you have to really dig deep to remember that you're valuable and that you mean something. Sometimes we can be overcome with regret because we never got closure from something that made us hurt.

Let your silence speak for itself

  Sometimes you just let your emotions get the best of you, and you can't figure out what words go together to best describe what you're feeling. Maybe that's because sometimes, there are no words that can describe what you're feeling. Maybe because sometimes sitting in silence and letting the feeling surpass you is the only way you can get through it.

  Sometimes not speaking sets the tone of your feelings in a way words couldn't. Words spoken with emotion carry such weight, that even when the moment has passed, it's something you can't take back. Is it better for us to continue to explain ourselves, and have bigger misunderstandings, than it is for us to sit quietly and reflect on the situation? When one speaks to us, we must listen to understand, not to reply. But when one is quiet, we must sit and try to understand, why that person is at a loss for words.

"Silence saves you from looking like a fool - because if your silence is not enough for people to realize that something is wrong - will your words even matter?" - Rania N.