Tales Behind the Tail | How My Dog Saved My Life

She may not be human, but she is my child, and she’s the reason for me to keep pushing through life.

How my dog saved my life

The day my dog came into my life

Everyone seemed to scan the room with their eyes trying to catch hints from each other; hints that I hadn’t been picking up. I knew there was something strange when I received the last gift that Christmas. I remember the moment that I opened my first Bark Box for Okami. I was so confused until I saw this tiny, furry potato of a dog run out into the circle of wrapping paper. My husband gifted me Okami on Christmas 2016. I didn’t get to spend too much time with her after I got her because of my housing situation, school, and work, so I was very scared that she wouldn’t know who I was when we were reunited. I was wrong about that though - I’ve had Okami since April 2018, and we have been inseparable since.

When Okami was younger, she was very standoffish. She wasn’t very keen on human or animal interaction. She was more catlike than she was dog. It made sense to me, because our Okami girl is very independent. She likes that you are present in the room, but that doesn’t meant she needs you to shower her with love. At least, that’s how it used to be. Now Okami girl gets jealous when Sean and I are playing video games, or if he is getting more attention from me than she is. She loves to cuddle with us in bed, and she enjoys being pet at all times of the day. Since we’ve been together more frequently, we have all grown very close and we thank her for that.

My dog is my hero

My dog springs to my side when she feels that I am in distress, pain, or danger. I have noticed that she is more aware of how I am feeling than my husband is. She is by my side when I am sick - so much as walking me to the bathroom when I’m not feeling well. Lately, I have been going through an emotional and mental battle with myself, and she knows that more than anyone. She helps me in ways even the best psychiatrists and mental health specialists could. She doesn’t attack me with questions of '“why?” She just sits there and gives me her unconditional love, and that’s just what I need in that moment. There’s so many things my dog has helped me through, the world can’t even imagine.

“A dog is the only thing on the Earth that loves you more than themselves.”

The way that she looks at me with concern when I’m having an emotional break down. Her eyes get wide, and her ears fall back, and she nudges her cold little nose against my cheeks. She licks my tears off my cheeks until I laugh at her. Once she gets me to laugh, she snuggles her head into my arms and lays down next to me. She knows the power she has over my heart, and she isn’t ashamed to be close anymore. She’s saved my life when I had strong thoughts of suicide running through my head. It was always a scary place until she came along.

This is why I wanted to go with the name Okami & Co. She is the center pillar of our family, and we love her very much. So we hope you decide to stay connected and see how our family continues to grow!

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