Since high school, my friend count has decreased dramatically, and I’m okay with that

I started looking at the quality of my friendships, rather than the quantity of friendships that I had

Social butterfly to loner ladybug

  I wouldn’t consider myself someone who always had a lot of friends.  I always could count on 2-3 people as my “ride or dies”, but I think I got along with pretty much everyone.  I was never the type to let a lot of people in on my life either.  I kept my relationships on the shallow end of the trust pool, but that’s because I could never let myself open up about things going on in my life.

  Now that I’m an adult, my friend count has gotten even lower.  I definitely consider myself an introvert.  I have a lot of acquaintances from work, clients, and random groups that I’ve joined, but never anyone that I’ve truly deemed worthy of “unloading” things on.  Shout out to those who have really made an impact in my life to where I’ve opened up to you about some dark stuff, y’all know who you are. #AleitaSusanna #SalvajesLocos

I’d rather have 4 quarters instead of 100 pennies

  Honestly, I don’t mind the small interactions that I get with a large group of people, or a client every now and then.  I also can go on very long stretches of not opening up to my best friends, and when we link back up, it’s like we were never apart.  I live for those few friendships.  I’d rather have one or two people know my truth, then have a lot of people know bits and pieces.  I like that I have people who try to understand me, rather than just hear what I have to say and have no input.

I’d rather have one or two people know my truth, then have a lot of people know bits and pieces.

I’d like to skip out on the judgment zone

  I’ve found that when I open up about hard times in my life, and the person doesn’t take the time to get to know me as a whole person, they automatically place judgment.  After that judgment is made, then it’s just downhill from there because I’ve been labeled as something other than a person with emotions.  I’ve found that gossip still circulates in the adult world, not just in high school.  Which I’m really surprised, because I’ve also met high schoolers that have behaved better than some adults, which is really sad.

I get to do a lot of self-reflection

  When I’m by myself, I’m alone with my thoughts.  It can be really helpful for me to be able to go through things and figure out what I can do differently to better myself, or it can go really poorly for me.  On my good days, I find myself very productive.  I edit photos. I write blogs.  I walk my dogs longer than 15 minutes.  On my bad days, I curl into a ball in my bed and try to drown out the voices in my head with Hulu.  I write a lot, but it’s often a lot darker.

I admire those people who still try to get to know me, and allow me to get to know them

  I never turn down a chance to get to know a person.  If they’re willing to meet up more than an initial meet up, it usually ends up being a pretty cool friendship.  I don’t think I’m anywhere long enough to become super close to someone, especially with my random work hours, but in today’s society, an e-friendship is better than no friendship, right?  That’s why I’m so connected in today’s blogger world.

Overall, as long as I have my dogs and my husband, I’m cool

  At the end of the day, I’m proud of myself when I make the effort to make it out the door and meet people I don’t normally meet with.  But most days, I’m happy when my husband makes it home, and we’re chillin’ in our undies watching Netflix, playing video games, and cuddling with our puppies.