Tabby's Luminescent Glam Boxes & How She Promotes Self-Love

My name is Tabby, and I'm a Cosmetologist. Lunar Tide Beauty was originally After Hours style, and I started up about three days after I got to Korea again. I'd always dabbled in hair styling and make up prior to our first stay here in Korea. I even moonlighted as a make up artist for a photo shoot or two. Really what sealed it was four years not really working. I couldn't stand it. I need to be doing things to keep myself sane. I went back to school in 2015. Cosmetology was a no brainer, I grew up in a beauty shop, my grandma was a Hairdresser and it just feels like home.


Day to Day Operations

My day to day currently is largely consultations via Facebook, working to create inventory, or working on a project for the Diversity and Inclusion section of the Red Cross, at least if I don't have scheduled clients. I can go from two or three haircuts or waxes to an all-day session of Unicorn/Mermaid hair or blonde AF.  I keep way busier than I anticipated at the beginning of the year, but it's great! The work I do is absolutely fulfilling, I adore making people feel beautiful. 

Luminescent Cosmetics

Which brought around Luminescent Cosmetics. I am huge into skincare, I love to try different things, but I'm also really interested in ingredients. More so after learning that a friend of mine who is a cancer-survivor can't use anything with a metal oxide in it. I had no idea how many mineral based products contained a metal oxide! Another friend revealed she's allergic to glycerin when I suggested a serum for her to use. Glycerin is in EVERYTHING just about and that narrows down the choices quite a bit. I always wanted to make my own line, why not? In the age of the Millennial we're all reverting back to craftsmanship and artisan type practices. Why shouldn't I do the same thing and provide something I would be proud to use to the people around me. So that was how I got out some text books, did some updated research on the best ingredients and came up with my launch products. 


The Glam Crates

I started these glam crates originally to sort of get myself out there, for people to know my name, and the products I use and sell. That's evolved since I actually really love giving gifts and the glam crates are perfect for me to curate and gift to their recipients. Beauty boxes are really popular, and for good reason: who wants to spend 500 dollars on products they may or may not use all of? I had a whole stash of unused unopened make up waiting for a home after a couple years of Ipsy, Sephora Play and other similar subscriptions. I ended up sending a lot of it to or just giving it away. Because none of those services really get me and what I'm looking for, I often ended up disappointed and cancelling the subscription after about six months. 

Curated for the person

I make my boxes for each person who signs up. No two boxes are the same, and there isn't really a baseline other than the themed piece. Comfy meant find leggings and t-shirts that were soft and wearable in color schemes for each of the vibrant women who asked for one. This month means finding the right flower themed items for each individual, be they made or bought. I think what sets me apart from the majority of big name boxes and even some of the smaller boxes is I really want you to be happy with the box, not so you'll pay me for another one - but because I love the messages I get. The wow these all fit my aesthetic, or this is so fun, I had a great time trying out new things, or I found my new holy grail! That boosts my mood and fills my spirit. 

Self-Care is being able to look at my habits and slowly start to chip away at the toxic ones.
— Tabby
Tabby with her beautiful make up on

On the topic of self-care, as a person with Anxiety and Depression it's something I'm still learning to allow myself. As a high functioning depressive I often take on too much at once, over scheduling my weeks and grabbing onto new projects. Don't get me wrong, it's so fulfilling, but I am so mentally exhausted sometimes that it's startling. Self-Care is being able to look at my habits and slowly start to chip away at the toxic ones. Eat at home rather than eat high fat, high-carb fast-foods that leave me sluggish and more prone to depressive states. Take an hour and taking a hot bath with a book playing on my phone to recenter myself and let my brain just quiet down. It's so important, it's kept me from bottling up my emotions and having some needless knock down drag out fight over something insipid. 

My beauty routine

My personal daily beauty routine is simple, at least in my mind. If I've worn make up the day before, it's exfoliation day that morning, then a gentle wash, pat dry, grab the toner, swipe it on and let it dry down, serum to replenish the moisture I took from my skin with the exfoliant and wash, and seal it all down with moisturizer and sunscreen before I do anything else. If I'm adding a face on top of it, full or otherwise, primer first, I'm currently in love with No Poreblem from TouchInSol and Unicorn Essence from Farsali. I start with my brows, filling/shaping them and then clean them up with some concealer. If it's a quick look, swipe on my liner and mascara. Concealer blended out under my eyes, a lipstick and I'm good to go. Basically I frame my face. If you don't have brows and liner, for your eyes, they get lost, or easily over looked. Lips, obviously can either be your focal point or just highlighted gently to really finish a natural quick look. 

Practicing Self Love

Get this must-have product if you can!

Must have product - especially out here where the Air Quality jumps - is a high quality serum. I highly recommend either The Ordinary Hyaluronic + B5 serum or my own creation which I call the red moon serum. Rice Water with High Molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Liquid Silk, Aloe Vera Water and a light lavender scent. I want people to maximize hydration in their skin, it's a thing we're hardly ever told other than to drink water and moisturize, without being told moisturizers only lock in what's on your skin when you put it on! 

Lunar Tide Giveaway.png

Note from Okami & Co.

  We connected with Tabby through a Facebook beauty group here in South Korea.  I noticed that someone had posted their personally curated box from Tabby, and was immediately interested when Tabby advertised, she was taking orders.  I didn’t hesitate at the chance to order one of these boxes, and to give someone else the gift of self-care as well.  You can find more of Tabby’s work below!


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