Everland: Korea's Largest Theme Park

  It’s been so nice having warmer weather here in Korea.  I work the night shift so I haven’t grasped the concept of spring blooming until a few days ago when I walked the doggies outside while there was daylight.  This was a special treat for Sean and I. Not only have I been feeling way under the weather, but also because we finally decided to break our routine of café hunting and make our way to Everland! Click here for discounted tickets to Everland!


There’s something for everyone at Everland!

  I heard about Everland for the first time from my realtor when she took her kids there last summer.  At first, I thought it was just a water park, but when I looked it up it was more than that!  Everland has a theme park, a water park, and a zoo!  The admission fee for both Sean and I was cheaper than one Disneyland ticket!  You can get a discounted price by clicking here, saving you almost $15 on the ticket if you buy it online ahead of time!

Everland's Magical Tree

  During our visit, we went to see the tulips in the European Adventures area of the park, and of course to check out some of the rides that they had to offer.  Every year they host a tulip garden and a rose garden.  If you want to see a large selection of flowers but aren’t willing to make your way all the way to the Taean Tulip Festival then it’s worth it to visit Everland.

Take a gander at that drop on the rollercoaster in the background!

Take a gander at that drop on the rollercoaster in the background!

  Everland happens to house the world’s steepest wooden rollercoaster.  It took us all day to make our way through the park to get there, but I can honestly say it was worth the hour wait in line.   It. Was. Intense.  Sean made us ride in the back so we would get the full experience of the drop at full speed and good grief… I feel like I was falling out of my seat.  You only get a seatbelt and another fitted bar across your lap.  You feel like you’re going to fall out on every drop you hit.  For a wooden rollercoaster, it’s definitely a 10/10 for me.

  The next time we visit, we’ll be visiting the water park side of Everland called Caribbean Bay, so make sure you keep a look out for that adventure!

How does it compare to Lotte World?

Tulips at Everland

  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy Lotte World as much as I thought I would, so that’s probably why I haven’t written a blog about it.  Lotte World is definitely geared more toward younger children.  I’d say that Everland is more family friendly if it comes to having various ages (young children to teenagers) in your family.  I’d say that the park is definitely more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, meaning it’s better kept than Lotte World is.

  Everland is definitely something you’d want to check out during the months that are in between the extreme weather months, so spring and autumn.  Lotte World would be better for going during the extreme weather months since they have indoor attractions as well.

As far as pricing goes, you can get Lotte World tickets for 33,000 won using this link [click], and Everland tickets for 37,000 won using this link [click].

How does it compare to big corporate theme parks like Six Flags and Disney?


  I’d easily compare it to the older Disneyland.  There are definitely enjoyable rides which also include virtual reality rides.  The aesthetic of the park is broken up like it would be in Disneyland, but they’re geared more towards different areas in the world rather than cartoon towns.  Their gift stores showcase characters of the park like Disney would.  As far as Six Flags, there’s definitely no comparison in rides.

Nitty Gritty of the pros and cons of Everland

Wishing Wall

  It’s affordable ticket prices make enjoying the park so much better.  You’re not having to save up a crazy amount just to take your family out to a theme park.

  The food in the restaurants are absolutely scrumptious, and well-priced.  When we bought a two 19,000 won meals, they were well worth their price.

  There are so many snack bars around the park, that are also very affordable.  It doesn’t cost you $15 for a regular drink that’s mostly ice like it would in the states.

  There’s a zoo in the park where you can pet wild animals.  I mean, come on…

Kaleidoscope Art
Kaleidoscope Art
Kaleidoscope Art

They have different galleries showcased there! We’re unsure of how often it changes, but the one we went to featured an interactive kaleidoscope art piece!

  If you drive there, the parking is free!  There’s a shuttle bus that runs from the parking lot to the entrance of the park as well, so you don’t have to walk back and forth for very long distances.

  The park has a lot of steep inclines, so going up and down with strollers and small children may not be the easiest, but there are gondolas that can take you from different places to the park so you don’t have to walk the entire length of the park if you’re just trying to get to a certain zone.


  Overall, we’d highly recommend this park for families with children, or even if you’re just a couple!