Guest Post: How I Balance My Life as a University Student!

University is hard, but you’re tough too!

Being a student can be hectic when your mind is all over the place. You’re trying to figure out your career, your friends and find balance in the things you love. My first few months at university was one you could call a BIG MESS! I had no idea what I was doing, my fitness routine was running away from me and my social life was more important than my work life.

Someone once told me that feeling lost is the best blessing you could have. It gives you that time to experiment and explore the many options you don’t know is in front of you. Take it as an advantage to really find your passion and let your mind wander to somewhere you didn’t think it would take you.

After enjoying a bit of a social life, I realized that it was time to put my head down and focus on what I wanted to achieve throughout my time at university. Even though University is a tough time in terms of your education, I’ve never had so much freedom in opportunities and independence until now. You might be reading this like really Elouiza? While drowning in an essay.

This is how I’ve been able to balance my life as a student:

Outline my goals

I sit down, take a step back and think about what I want to achieve throughout University. It could be education related, something that you do on the side e.g achieve something in sports, or even money related e.g get a part-time job. This reminds me of why I will do the things I do and to also help me stay on track with everything going on as a Student. When you find out what you want to achieve, you’ll definitely become more motivated throughout your journey at university.

Create a routine

I look at my weekly schedule which includes: a part-time job, going to the gym, meeting my boyfriend and friends, and going to university. It can get tough, but time management is key. I try to create a rough routine that’s similar every day because things change a lot, so it’s less stressful when you’re not overly strict about your routine. When I have a day at university, it isn’t for the whole day, so I’ll utilize my time there and do things university related such as revision, group work or essay writing.

Prioritize but know when to stop

At the end of the day, University and doing well in my studies is more important than achieving my body goals... for now. Of course, I love going to the gym, but there are times when I know I need to sacrifice a workout and work on revision the day before an exam. I’m not saying put studies on top of everything every single day but know when it’s time to put your head down and get that essay sorted! However, don’t overdo the work part and know when it’s time to take a break and just go out for the day, evening or lunch. A little time out goes a long way.

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