5 Things I Want to Change in My Life

There are things I want to more of, and things I want to do less of, I just need to find the willpower to do make it happen.


Going on social media when I’m bored

  Any time I find a minute of free time, I instantly pull out my phone and find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.  Although these platforms help me support my blog, they’re useless to me when I’m just scrolling through my feed.  A lot of the things I see on there are negative, belittling, discouraging, or just make me feel uncomfortable about my body.

  I did a social detox one month, and my mindset was completely changed.  I found myself a lot happier than I was before, so slowly, I am peeling myself away from social media.  At some point, I will only use it to promote Okami & Co.

Reading more books that teach me about life

  I recently joined a group of women who are all on their fitness journey, coming from different walks of life, and with different challenges.  One of the tasks that I have to do as a coach is to find a book to read, that inspires me and motivates me to do my best.  Right now, I’m working on a book my friend Susanna gifted to me when she visited me in Germany.  It’s called “The Desire Map”.

  So far, I’ve learned that I should be doing things based on how they make me feel.  Do I feel a sense of fulfillment?  Hopefully I do after all of this is done.  Then I will work on other motivational books that can help me cope with all the stress in my life.

Pray more often, not just when I’m in need of help and guidance

  I normally find myself praying when I’m having trouble with something, or I’m in need of guidance.  Rarely do I pray when I’m in a good mood, or when things are going my way.  I find myself asking Him, “why would you let something like this happen?”  instead of thanking Him for everything good.

  I should be more prayerful.  I should be thanking Him for the things He’s given me and the life He’s blessed me with. I don’t find time to go to church as often as I used to, especially since it’s hard to find a church community comparable to the one I had in Germany.  But I will do my best to be a better Christian.

Turn my house into a home with Sean

  When we first arrived in Korea, I didn’t want to do much with the house since we are only here for a year.  By the time we got to 6 months left on the ROK, I started decorating the house.  I put picture frames up, we bought bookshelves and a bed.  We’re really making it more and more homey.  It’s never too late right?

  I’m excited for the time that Sean and I have a home TOGETHER.  One household, one life.  It’ll be an amazing feeling to finally be able to see our lives grow together.

Spend more time making friends, and working to keep them

  I am an introvert at best.  I do not feel comfortable going out and meeting new people.  I don’t do well at holding long conversations unless they’re with my patients.  For some reason, I am much more social when it comes to talking with my patients, but when it comes to making friends, I retreat into my comfort zone.

  I am going out of my way this weekend to meet with ladies from the community.  We are going to talk about our lives, beauty, fashion, and photography.  Then we are going to schedule some photo shoots and have some fun with it.  I hope I can take away some good friendships after this meet up.  It’s way out of my comfort zone, but that’s how you’re supposed to live life right?