The Future is Female!

“There’s nothing stronger than a woman who has had to rebuild herself.”

International Women

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. It was first started in the year of 1975 by the United Nations General Assembly, which also happened to be International Women’s YEAR! It is to recognize the hard work of women and their success stories.

Talking stories

I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph a Wednesday morning with these lovely ladies. These 25 ladies religiously get together on Wednesday to share conversations over coffee and delightful treats. They share stories about their lives, their day to day activities, and plan out new adventures here in South Korea.

I was invited by Raquel, a woman who originally comes from Colombia. When I walked into the cafe, I was astounded by the amount of women that showed up to this event. “This isn’t even all of us, there are some missing!” It blew my mind to see women of all different cultures congregate and share their interests with each other.

Gathering women
Hanging out on the couch

They were kind enough to buy my coffee, and let me prepare myself for the shoot. As I fiddled with my camera, you could hear all different conversations going on with lots of laughter and giggles. Some were walking around talking with everyone, and some stayed quietly listening to others stories.

This group began organically, with the simple idea of coming together as Cosmopolitan women of the world, to share experiences and grow together. - Kaliko M

There were so many countries represented by the 25 women to include: United State of America, Italy, New Zealand, France, Nicaragua, Colombia, Russia, Vietnam, and South Korea.

A little bit of dancing

They never just stick to one cafe. They take their time to scout out new cute areas to congregate in, and also seek out fun dancing opportunities here in the area.

Supporting each other

Nothing can defeat a band of women who know what they want in life. Strong women who come together to support each other and lift each other is a force to be reckoned with. I’m so happy they found that in each other.

The group photo

I’m happy to have met all of them, and I hope this isn’t my last encounter with them.